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    Terms and Conditions

  1. Postage varies based on the quality of the address list and density of penetration at the carrier route level of sortation. Typical estimate of postage for standard mail is $0.268 per piece. An accurate determination of postage can be made once the mailing list is submitted for certification.
  2. Postage may be made out to USPS and must be presented prior to mailing. Delivery to the USPS cannot be made until postage is received.
  3. Mailing lists may be submitted in most database formats, including Excel, Access, CSV, TXT, and DBF. Separate fields for the following are necessary to assure a quality address: Name, Company, Address, Address2, City, State, and Zip, and country if there are foreign addresses. Foreign addresses must be identified because they are required to be removed from bulk domestic mailing by USPS regulations.
  4. American Direct will indemnify client against postage increases once the list is submitted for certification.
  5. List clean up services are available for additional fee (merge/purge, Nth select, NCOA, etc)
  6. Presort bulk mailings must be identical pieces.
  7. Lists purchased from ADMS are for one-time use, unless specified.
  8. Adequate material for printing, inserting, and other operations should include 2% extra for each operation required.
  9. If materials are customer furnished, ADMS cannot accept responsibility for adequacy of materials supplied, but will complete job on a best-effort basis.
  10. All materials must be on hand 24 hours prior to initiation of job.
  11. ADMS grants permission for Customer to use our permit in all mailings, provided ADMS controls and effectsthe job. No other permission is granted.

terms and conditions
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