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“Our database management costs for Eastern Oklahoma Catholic newspaper dropped dramatically once ADMS showed us how to keep track of our moving members. We were receiving and paying for 75 moves per issue, and they showed us how to eliminate the address correction charges completely, keep track of our sponsors, and increase donations to our development campaign.”

Ms. Suzanne Pizaturro

Catholic Diocese of Tulsa

Direct Mail Service Offerings

"Delivering Your Message", our tag line that pinpoints the simple fact that we are here to connect you with your next clients. Seamless and flexible trade in direct marketing, we are your one-stop resource for product design, development, and delivery (D3). You have more than enough on your plate to grow your business, so we make it easy to get out your message. We integrate your campaigns to other media, like newsprint, radio, and on-line, so that you send a common message that your future customers relate to immediately.

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