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“ADMS developed a mailing campaign for us to reach a new target client in the South Tulsa area. They produced 3 postcard mail campaigns for 5000 recipients, saved us 20 percent on mailing costs, and kept the work right here in the Tulsa area, an important issue for we local vendors. On top of that, we were able to pay for a lot of the cost using ITEX cashless transactions, saving us even more.”

Aaron Henson, Proprietor

Fitness Together Tulsa

Delivering Your Message

From start to finish, ADMS can increase your bottom line by providing integrated direct mail services to find new customers, keep contact with existing customers, and for less. Our seamless approach to target mailing includes list management, mail piece design by award winning professional graphic artists, print production, and painless postal operations, utilizing local Tulsa suppliers to keep our Tulsa Dollars in Tulsa.

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